Stereo Black

Обложка альбома Stereo BlackSTEREO BLACK (formerly NEW BLACK), the new band fronted by former MACHINE HEAD/SOULFLY guitarist Logan Mader, will make their live debut on Monday, March 8 at The Whisky A Go Go (8901 Sunset Boulevard) in West Hollywood, California. As previously reported, STEREO BLACK (photo) reportedly sees Logan returning to his heavier roots, and at the same time, incorporating what he has learned from his early days as a guitarist to present. The group, whose lineup is completed by Lucas Banker (guitar), Clyde Shorey (guitar), Jason Evigan (bass, backing vocals) and Christopher Antonopoulis (drums), recently finished mixing a demo in Amsterdam with beatmaster extraordinaire JUNKIE XL and are currently shopping around for a record deal. STEREO BLACK currently have a total of 13 tracks under their belt, according to a posting on Logan's official web site. In a market that is oversaturated with processed rock music, finding a band that stands out from the rest can be emphatically compared to finding a needle in a haystack. Music enthusiasts today are starving for a band that is fresh, has its own edge, style and sound. Look no further. STEREO BLACK is now entering the scene.
  • Трек: Black Gold
  • Исполнитель (артист): Stereo MC's
  • Длительность 4:13
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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    • 5:38
      Stereo MCsBlack Gold (Marlow Remix)
    • 7:25
      Stereo MCsBlack Gold (Fedde Le Grand Remix)
    • 4:41
      Stereo BananaBlack Dildo
    • 2:46
      Cilla BlackEverything I Touch Turns to Tears (Stereo)
    • 3:20
      Stereo MCsBlack Gold (Radio edit)
    • 2:00
      The Black KnightsI Gotta Woman (Stereo Version;2009 Remastered Version)
    • 4:24
      Stereo System DamageBlack and White (Original Mix)
    • 5:04
      Stereo MCsBlack Gold (Proper Villains Remix)
    • 2:51
      Cilla BlackMy Love Come Home (Stereo)
    • 6:50
      Stereo MCsBlack Gold (Tic Toc Remix)
    • 6:49
      Stereo MCsBlack Gold (Tic Toc Dub)
    • 5:14
      Stereo MCsBlack Gold (DJ Beware Remix)
    • 3:04
      Cilla BlackBaby I'm Yours (Stereo)
    • 3:55
      Vista Le Vie With Black SifichiCrime In The Stereo
    • 5:38
      Stereo MCsBlack Gold (Marlow Dub)
    • 2:39
      Cilla BlackA Lover's Concerto (Stereo)
    • 5:29
      Stereo MCsBlack Gold (DJ Beware Dub)
    • 2:46
      Cilla BlackSing a Rainbow (Stereo)
    • 2:57
      Cilla BlackIs It Love (Stereo Version) [1997 Remastered]
    • 2:19
      Cilla BlackOne Two Three (Stereo)
    • 2:44
      Cilla BlackIn a Woman's Eyes (Stereo)
    • 1:56
      The Black Dyke Mills BandThingumybob (Stereo) (2010 - Remaster)
    • 2:45
      Cilla BlackNo Place to Hide (Stereo)
    • 5:01
      Stereo MCsBlack Gold (Proper Villains Dub)
    • 2:18
      Cilla BlackThe Real Thing (Stereo)
    • 2:58
      Cilla BlackWhen I Fall in Love (Stereo)
    • 1:53
      King TuffBlack Holes in Stereo
    • 3:06
      Cilla BlackMake It Easy On Yourself (Stereo)
    • 2:37
      The KinksBig Black Smoke (Alternate Stereo Mix)
    • 3:12
      Status QuoBlack Veils of Melancholy (Stereo Remixed 'Proper')
    • 2:35
      Peter And GordonStranger With A Black Dove (2011 Remastered Version; Stereo)
    • 2:54
      The YardbirdsOnly The Black Rose (Original Stereo)
    • 2:33
      The KinksBig Black Smoke (Stereo Mix)
    • 2:26
      HawkwindThe Black Corridor (Live At The Paris Theatre;Stereo)
    • 3:15
      Status QuoBlack Veils of Melancholy (Stereo Remixed 'Proper')
    • 3:26
      Stereo BlackInside
    • 3:30
      Stereo BlackInside
    • 3:43
      Stereo BlackDenial
    • 3:41
      Stereo BlackDenial
    • 3:30
      Stereo BlackInside
    • 2:50
      Stereo BlackSomething To Be Desired
    • 2:54
      Stereo BlackNothing
    • 3:35
      Stereo PonyHitohira no Hanabira
    • 3:07
      Stereo BlackAny More
    • 3:43
      Stereo BlackTurn Around
    • 2:48
      Stereo BlackLast Time