Philip Glass Robert Moran

  • Трек: The Juniper Tree
  • Исполнитель (артист): Philip Glass, Robert Moran
  • Длительность 73:31
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Текст песни "Philip Glass, Robert Moran - The Juniper Tree"

    Music by
    Robert Moran and Philip Glass
    Libretto by
    Arthur Yorinks

    THE WIFE: Jayne West, soprano
    THE HUSBAND: Sanford Sylvan, baritone
    THE SON/JUNIPER BIRD: Lynn Torgove, soprano
    THE STEPMOTHER: Valerie Walters, mezzo-soprano
    HER DAUGHTER: Janet Brown, soprano
    THE GOLDSMTIH: David Stoneman, baritone
    THE COBBLER: Thomas Derrah, tenor
    THE MILLER: William Cotten, tenor
    VILLAGE FOLK: Chorus
    The Juniper Tree Opera Orchestra
    Conducted by Richard Pittmann

    flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, bassoon
    horn, trumpet, trombone
    2 violins, viola, cello, string bass
    harp, percussion
    2 keyboard synthesizers, celeste

    Act I
    01. Glass - Prologue (00:00)
    02. Moran - Scene 1 (17:01)
    03. Moran - Scene 2 (29:40)
    04. Glass - Scene 3 (42:44)
    05. Glass - Bird Song (46:18)
    06. Moran - Epilogue (48:27)
    Act II
    07. Glass - Scene 1 (51:45)
    08. Moran - Interlude (59:32)
    09. Moran - Scene 2 (61:52)
    10. Moran - Final Scene-Trio (69:04)



    In the darkness there is the sound of a bird. It is faint; but it grows
    louder as the stage gets brighter to reveal a country house, which is
    occupied by a wealthy landowner and his wife. They have no children.
    It is autumn and the landscape is rich and rolling.. In the foreground
    there is a juniper tree.
    Morning arrives. The bird, singing, is now joined by the higher-pitched
    sound of baby birds. They are in the juniper tree. At the window of the
    house the landowner’s wife appears. The birds are singing:

    Mama Bird: pa pa pa pa….etc.
    Baby Birds: pa pa pa pa ……etc.
    Wife (from the window) Come here to me my hungry ones…
    Baby Birds: ma ma ma ma….can we eat, Mama? We are hungry. Where is
    food, Mama? Where is Papa?
    Can we eat, we’re starving-
    Wife: My darlings, I’ll get you some food….
    Mama Bird: Don’t listen to her-she thinks you’re her babies. She’s crazy!
    Baby Birds: But she always gives us apples, Mama-
    Wife: Where are you, my babies? you’ll be late-
    Baby Birds: Come find us. We’re hiding!
    Wife: you’ll be late for school. Come now, kiss mama, give her a hug…
    Baby Birds: Kiss, Mama, kiss and hug her….
    Wife: You are my pride and joy, each of you. daughter, how big you are.
    And your brother, what a rascal. And my baby son, so quiet; I know
    your heart is full..and some day, you’ll remember, me and how much
    I love you….
    (The husband appears in the doorway of the house. He is carrying a gun,
    ready to go hunting)
    Wife: Now come quick, you’ll be late-
    Husband: Ah my wife, what are you saying?
    Wife: The children, they’ll be late for school-
    (The husband goes to her)
    Birds: pa-pa-pa-, etc.
    Husband: There are no children here…
    Wife: But…..NO!
    Husband: (gently) They are only birds…Why don’t yo come inside, it’s
    getting cold. A fire will warm you.
    Wife: I will soon.
    Wife (as duet with Husband): I can’t stop from thinking. Each day passes
    and hope dwindles. Yet, we
    have each other. And all we share must come to fruit. What spring
    arises where no winter breathes-
    what food will grow if now hunger seethes….
    Husband: I know what you’re thinking. We must have faith. We have so
    much and each other; still, I
    feel it too. The emptiness lingers; how cold the barren limbs-all
    twisted and knotted and stiff- but here,
    an evergreen stands; and a forest calls to me-
    Husband: I’ll bring you back the largest rabbit in the forest. We’ll have
    a feast.
    Wife: Broiled beast!
    Husband: I’ll be back. Be well my treasure- (he departs; the wife goes
    over to the juniper tree and sits beneath it. She stares at an apple)
    Wife: What riches we have, and no mouths to feed… (a gunshot is heard.
    Startled, she accidentally cuts her finger with the knife she was holding)
    Why can’t there be a child as red as this blood and white as this snow? I
    feel better now-how life churns! (She goes into the house)
    The seasons pass. The wife is pregnant, in her eighth month.
    Wife: Oh dear husband, when I die you will bury me beneath the juniper.
    Husband: You will outlive me and this old tree, you’ll see.
    The Wife dies at child-birth, leaving her husband with a new baby boy.
    Husband: No, no….it can’t be now-you can’t leave me…not now, not now,
    it cannot be….

    End of Prologue
    Musical Interlude (connoting the years passing and the turn of events)

    Act One, Scene l
    It is some years later and time has soothed the landowner’s grief. He has
    taken another wife and has had a daughter by her. Together with his son
    they all live in the house by the juniper tree. Everything is as it was
    except for the placement of a small headstone that tilts to one side
    underneath the juniper tree. On it simply reads : “Beloved Ida”
    A summer breeze blows. The son is under the tree reading a book. Father
    is coming home from a trip. As the step-mother and daughter approach from
    the house to greet him the son notices his father and runs to him.
    Son: Papa, Papa!
    Husband: My boy, I swear you’ve grown. I can barely lift you. I hope the
    horse I bought for you can hold
    Son: A horse? Where is he, Papa? Can I ride him now? Is he fast? Can I
    see him?
    Husband; You should ask you mother. (to his wife) Hello my dear, how’s
    our daughter?
    Son: Mother, can I-
    Mother:…(to the boy) Look at you, how filthy. I told you to stay away
    from that tree. If you want to read,
    stay in your room.
    Son: but….
    Mother: Anne, come take father inside, he must be tired and thirsty from
    his long trip (the daughter takes her father by the hand and they go into
    the house; the Son accidentally bumps into the Step-mother) Out
    of my way! You are always where I am. Now fetch me some water. The
    garden must be as hot as I am-
    Now go! (The Son runs into the house) He is just a boy. He is not so
    bad. But ….but…he must look like
    her. He must remind him of her. She has risen and taken his form. He
    must still love her, not me or my
    daughter. My girl should have his fortune, not him. He’s dead…No!
    What am I saying? She’s dead,
    he’s just a little boy, a little boy. But ….but…’s her! It
    must be so! Her eyes! Her hair! I’m sure of
    it!…but she’s not here, he is. He is always here and there, always
    here and there (the boy runs in with
    water. He spills it on her. ) Aaaachhhhhh! (she screams, a steam
    rises from her. The child is
    terrified). Lights…..and end of the scene.

    Scene Two
    It is another day. Autumn. The son is at school while the step-mother and
    daughter are upstairs in the house. The step-mother is brushing her
    daughter’s hair . )

    Mother: You are so lovely. Perhaps you are the most beautiful child in
    the world…
    Daughter: Can we eat, Mama? I’m hungry. Where is Papa? Can I have an apple?
    Mother: Your father will be home soon. Come let’s get a delicious apple-
    (they go to a large chest, filled with apples. Opening it, the Mother
    gives her daughter an apple)
    Daughter: What a red one! Can brother have one, too-I’ll pick one out…
    Mother : (upset) when he comes home from school I’ll give him one. A red
    one just like..(she hears the Boy approaching)…a red one just like-just
    like…(she grabs her daughter’s apple)…just like this red one. Now
    you can wait until your brother is home! (The frightened daughter
    leaves the room…as her step brother enter the house)
    (Sung simultaneously)
    Mother: How was school today? You look like, I mean, would you like an
    apple? You must be hungry.
    There are ripe ones here for you.They are all for you. She will have
    one later. She will have all she
    wants later. Now pick your red apple. You must be hungry. Well, pick
    out the best…pick out the one
    you’d like….
    Son (frightened): What is the matter? You look so strange. Is something
    wrong? Yes, I’d like one, I’m
    hungry…Is sister home? Where is she? She should have one, too.
    She can have one, too. What is
    the matter? You look so strange. Is something wrong? Yes, I’d like
    one. I’m hungry…

    (The son leans in to find an apple. The step-mother, staring at the boy,
    seized by jealousy and rage, slams the lid down hard on him which chops his
    head right off into the chest. His body falls limp to the ground. The
    step-mother, at once enraged and ecstatic, now as if released from a heavy
    burden, sees the limp, headless boy and is filled with remorse)

    Mother: What, what, can I do? (she quickly places the corpse minus head
    upon a chair, then re-attaches his head, covering the neck with a scarf.
    She places an apple in his hand. She then goes into the kitchen and
    begins to prepare dinner. The daughter, having passed the boy, enters the

    Daughter: Mama, brother is sitting with an apple and he looks so pale. I
    asked him for an apple and he
    wouldn’t answer. He’s so scary and white-maybe he’s ill. Maybe he’s
    got a fever. Should I feel his
    Mother: NO! H

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